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    Offshore Outsourcing
    Software Development
    We offer an immediate cost reduction of 40-60%.
    Our talented developers will be at your disposal,
    as a part of our placement services for your offshore development processes.
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    The company has been running the development center in india since 2011
    High-tech Methodologies
    Operating in USA, Israel and India
    A strict process for developers recruitment, that is suitable to the needs of the US & Israeli market
    Management and service center based in USA & Israel
    A US CTO based in India
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    Let’s GROW together
    Offshore outsourcing to ensure rapid growth
    Allow us to help you accelerate the development process and
    support your efforts with competition of the global market.

Local US administration based in India

A senior US programmer (serving as the CTO and COO of the company), operating from India, since 2011.


Providing optimal software development services since 2007, the development center based in Gurgaon, India - ensures high-tech level of coding and effective services.

Programming Specialization

Years of experience in subcontracting with internet and software companies in Israel and the US, has helped us and the team in India to develop the right tools and human resources to cater to the needs of our clients.

Management tools

Our continuous work with advanced project management tools enable a complete transparency of processes with our customers.

Stable employees

A motivated team of programmers who take great pride in working for the company and in serving our clients over a long period of time.

Planned work and methodologies

Our programmers are selected through a strict selection process, designed to adequately cater to the US and Israeli market. They are further trained by the company in all languages.

Company Founders and managers

We offer our experience to our customers:
Amir- experience of over 15 years, working with international companies
Jerome- India- technologist, one senior source, director of software companies and start-ups

Control and Service center based in Israel and the US

A service center that provides 24/7 customer support, optimized and well managed work processes, with constant attention to customer needs and demands.


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Our Benefits, Your Profit

We provide quality professional offshore programming services, and carry out development projects at reduced costs,
without compromising on the quality and professionalism.

Initial guidance at your offices, for managing remote staff

Management hierarchy- team manager, technical leader , human resources manager

Submission of projects on time, according to your priorities

Project Management Agile-SCRUM

Project management tools at no additional cost

Transparency in Work reports

White Label Services

Customer-oriented service

Confidentiality and signing an NDA